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We provide Marine based Businesses the opportunity to sell their businesses utilising our speciaised marine knowledge. We are the only broking business with focus on the marine business market.

Examples include, design houses, manufacturers, suppliers services, all tourist related operations, fishing fleets, offshore and working boat support, ferry transportation.

Typically our offerings range between AUD$5M and $100M turnover.

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Dive Boat Brokers

With over 30 years experience in the finance, commercial, design and project management aspects of the Marine Industry we can confidently and comprehensively cover all your needs in buying or selling liveaboard/day operational vessels and businesses.

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Latest News & Articles
  • Time to sell your marine business?

    We have brokered the sale of marine businesses and boats worldwide for over 15 years. Director Neil Houlahan shares 5 things that will make the process easier and put more money in pocket when it comes to business sale.  

  • In consideration of a new build high speed ferry option

    We have been developing design/build packages for passenger catamarans high speed ferries with proven options with one of the top designers and have combined them with a builder here in Australia to provide high quality, operationally efficient, competitive new build vessels. Current programs using this package are underway.  

  • Dive operation performance criteria

    Analysis of performance requirement can add profitability when deciding what vessel is required to meet your market and operations.

DBB Vessel Categories

Passenger Vessels

Cruise ship liners, luxury liners for sale. Cabin cruisers for sale. Ferries for sales, car ferries, fast ferries for sale, Ro-Ro ferries

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Navy / Military Ships

Navy and Military Ships for Sale. At DBB we have a range of Millitary and Naval Ships for purchase.

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Trimarans-for-sale, Catamarans for sale and all other Multi-hulled boats and vessels for sale in this section

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Research Vessels

Research Vessels and Scientific Research Boats for Sale. We can also help you with the sale of your research Vessel

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Luxury Liveaboard boats for Sale. We can also help you if you wish to sell a Liveaboard boat. See Our Contact Us page

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Commercial Boats

Dive Boats for Sale. Charter Boats for Sale. We have a wide variety of Commercial Boats for Sale. We can also help you sell

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Client Feedback

"It was a very good business experience, you have delivered everything you promised and beyond. I found you very professional, honest and knowledgeable. Your marine engineering and naval architecture background along with your contacts in Australia contributed a lot to the success of the purchasing and my ability to finalize my renovation plans. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for vessels."

Navot Bornovski
Fish & Fins
Asia Pacific

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