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It is important to have clear, or to quickly become clear about what you can afford when you are looking to purchase. Your budget will help decide the available options and allow us to arrive at a short list. If budget expectations are unrealistic, the options provided will reflect the quality of the vessel that can meet budget constraints. We are able to provide input to business viability and can develop financial assessment of the proposed business. These techniques are used by banks to assess risks in lending funds. This will allow buyers to assess the viability of the market in which they wish to operate.

Dive Boat Brokers are happy to support any aspect of our clients business. We have access to financial institutions that will lend for capital projects. However, from experience, financing is best sourced from institutions that are familiar with the buyer’s business. Overseas banks and lending institutions will add risk margins to interest rates for loans depending on a number of factors that influence the borrower’s ability to pay the debt. Typically a bank will require a due diligence of the borrowing including business plan for the operation, (including financial statements, feasibility study, marketing plans etc.) It is often better to stay with a bank/financier you already know and who knows you.

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